MAMA – The Remix

Watch if you dare!

Remixed by Kayla & Angelica 😛


5 thoughts on “MAMA – The Remix

  1. This is terrifyingly creepy! It really shows how important context is to interpreting the emotions in someone’s voice, especially in the part where we hear Brett’s mother, who was originally crying tears of joy in Brett’s audio documentary but here seems to be very upset. I also appreciated how you discussed the pain we hold onto and how that itself can kill us. It gave your remix a stronger message than just “this is the scariest thing I’ve seen all day”. It’s remarkable how music, playback speed, and altered colors can change the tone of a video so much. Good job, and an original idea!

  2. Wow! Not only was this remix incredibly creepy, but it succeeded in repurposing our archive to create a product that elicited a completely different emotional response. Your edits and alterations were executed well, and aided in making your overall theme very clear. That being said, you did make use of content which some of our classmates had requested be left out of these remix projects. This minor hiccup aside, your remix was carefully crafted and effective.

      • I double checked the media permission spreadsheet and the only people who didn’t want something used are Tara and I (regarding our recovery story photo essays). I didn’t see anything from either of those off limit sources in this remix.

        Nice work. Interesting how you focused on extracting the more morbid bits of our class archives. I feel this remix draws on the the Freudian concept of “Death Drives” (a drive inciting us to destroy, providing motivation to archive prior to death…i.e. the murder discussed in this remix) we were exposed to early in the semester via the Derrida article.

        Creepy, creepy. I really hate the rendition of Rockabye Baby used in this. It will haunt me in my dreams–so that was totally effective.

  3. This was awesome! I remember you telling me your concept and I’m happy to see it turned out so well. Great manipulation of taking seemingly innocent work and transforming, or remixing, it into a horror clip!

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