Our Final Remix!


Here is a remix from our CDM class!

Done by Bryan, Katie and myself.

Hope you enjoy!



How to link clips

So let’s say that you FINALLY figured out the perfect way to arrange a certain section of clips and audio. In my situation, I combined a visual of a cow with a moo-ing sound. But of course, I ended up moving one of these components and the entire 5 second section was ruined and I had to keep adjusting it every time. An easy way to avoid this yourself is to LINK the clips together.

When you select two clips that you want to stick together permanently, right click and you should find the option to “link” the clips. By clicking on that, you’re able to keep those clips together indefinitely. To unlink them, right click and select “unlink.” You can do this with audio clips as well. In my situation, I linked four or five different audio clips together so that I didn’t have to move each one individually when I wanted to insert a title at the beginning.


This is one of the only things I’m totally sure how to do. I have been learning other things just on accident, and it’s a really roundabout way to getting to the end result, so I figured I’d stick with sharing something straightforward. And sorry for the lateness of this blog post, I forget that other forms of assignments other than this video existed :*


And I’m Lost…

Okay so I’ve been putting off this blog post for a while now, as I’m sure you can see as it is almost midnight.  Basically, I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro by clicking on the buttons and seeing what they do.  Even though I’ve watched the tutorial videos twice now, I keep getting lost when I try to do some of the things myself.

Like RLB said below, I feel like I have nothing to teach the class about this software.  I feel bad because I know that is the blog assignment, but I’ve been playing with the software for a few days now and I barely figured out how to export the video.  I’d be happy to re-write this blog once I’ve had more experience with the software, but I also am concerned that we haven’t had enough time with it in class to learn how to make a really unique video by Friday.  I’m uploading what I have so far, but I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to give on this blog post.


Downloading Creative Cloud–helpful info/Vimeo Link

Since I have purchased Adobe Creative Cloud, I thought I would do a tutorial on how to download the program, and get it running.  Also, I put some helpful information in here that  I learned from calling customer service.

First, you must go to www.adobe.com and at the top grey bar hit Products, and then Adobe Creative Cloud.  In the lighter grey bar, go to Membership Plans, and then click on the tab that says Education.

The first choice is the one I chose, for $19.99/month.  It is a contract so that means you are tied into paying the $19.99  every month for one year.  Then you have the opportunity to cancel when your subscription ends, but if you try to cancel before the end, you pay a fee.   If you want to only pay month to month and to cancel whenever you want, it is $74.99 a month.

The plan is for one year, and it says in the disclaimer that they reserve the right to check your educational status, and change the price accordingly.  I am graduating in the spring, so I wondered whether they would start charging me more for the remainder of my contract.  I called the customer service center and they told me that they wouldn’t increase my rate.

To buy it, you have to create a profile and then in the education segment you have to put in Pitt as the school, and then your Pitt email.  They don’t actually send a confirmation email to your Pitt account, but they need it anyway.  It starts downloading immediately, and you get something that looks like this when it’s done.creative cloud

  This is where you download the apps by hitting install.  They do take some time to come in and you can’t download anything if you have one app running.  It also frequently updates the apps that you already have.  (I’ve had the program for four days now and it has updated twice).  You don’t have to have an internet connection to work with the programs.  It actually puts an icon on your desktop, so you don’t have to open the Creative Cloud downloader every time you want to open an app.

Also, the link to my Vimeo Video in Progress: https://vimeo.com/74583602