Aging an Image

This is how you make an image look older by creating your own sepia tone and adding some graininess.

  1. First, adjust the contrast of your image and the levels to your liking.
  2. Next, add a black and white adjustment and change it from default to something more interesting.  I added a high contrast red filter.

1 step

3.  Now, you’re going to add a  color to make it like a sepia/brown tone. To do this, you go down to the adjustment layer menu, and click gradient map.

4. The standard box you get is a fade from black to white.  Instead of this, click the drop down  menu and choose the brown option. You have to adjust the sliders so the darkest brown is on the left and the lightest is on the right

step 25.  After you have it the color you want, select the gradient layer and multiply it, or overlay it as I did.

6. Next, you’re going to do the same thing and add another gradient, but this time make it a solid gradient. So choose “gradient” and select the black and white option. step 4

7. Change the shape to radial from linear, and reverse it so you have a white circle in the middle that fades out to black.

8. Change that to multiply mode to get a vignette effect. Change the opacity so it’s not too dark.  If you want to move the center of the vignette, you reopen the gradient menu and move it accordingly and press “ok”. I ended up with this:

step 5

9.  Now , we’re going to make it grainy.  To do this, add a new “fill layer” and make it a solid grey. You will add the texture to this.

10.  Go up to filter, noise, and add noise.  Change the amount of noise to your liking, make it Gaussian, and hit monochromatic.  You end up with this: step 6

11. Now you have to soften it by going up to Filter, Blur, Gaussian blur, and adjusting it accordingly.

12. Free transform that layer and scale it up to  make it even blurrier.

13. Now, change it to overlay and lessen the opacity, so you have a nice texture showing through.  And that’s it. Now you have an old grainy photo.

step 7

Hope this helps!