Living Death

The “changing same” is an interesting concept – the idea of offering iterations of versions and versions of everything, all change all the time. When I hear, read, or eat something I like, my immediate reaction seems to be to keep hearing, reading, eating OR to go out and find something similar. I want to recreate the experience, granted, every now and then I might be daring enough to add some variation to it. I don’t know that I ever think, “Oh, I really like this chocolate cake. Now I want to go out and find something else that is completely different than this cake.” I feel like I am constantly searching for similarities and connections, whether I realize it or not.

But then there are the people who just don’t like chocolate cake (weirdos). They don’t like any of the options on the menu, actually. So they go out deep into the Amazon or somewhere in Mongolia and start cooking with ingredients that no one has ever heard of. DJ Spooky calls these people “science fiction geeks.” (Or something like that.) Spooky says, “It’s been said that science fiction is the literature of alienation, a genre for those who don’t relate to the world as it currently stands, for those who want to create alternative zones of expression. These are the people that need more than what the world is currently handing them, so they rely on their imagination for sustenance.

Here’s what’s funny about all that…a few days ago in class, we watched a video all about how different science fiction movies totally rip off each other’s effects, all the way down to the upward-moving credits. So even the “most original” are struggling to come up with their own stuff.

So my question is this, are we on our own when it comes to making something that’s different and avoiding the “changing same?” Is our imagination the only place that we will ever be able to create something that is truly unique?